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Our Mission

PHBC exists to glorify God as we strive to be a family of believers where God’s Word transforms lives and equips them for God’s service.

Cross on the Mountain Top

A Worshipping Body

God has designed the Church to display His manifold wisdom as recipients of His glorious grace. Therefore, the proper worship of our Triune God is the highest priority of all who have been redeemed by the death and resurrection of Christ. This worship occurs corporately as we gather to sing, pray, and hear the Word of God preached, and individually as we offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God, being sanctified by Him every day.

Cross on the Mountain Top
Praying Hands

A Dependent Body

God glorifies Himself as His grace is manifested to needy individuals and to a needy Church, and thus the Church is utterly dependent upon God’s grace in every moment, ministry, and action. This dependence is expressed individually and corporately as we devote ourselves to prayer.

A Discipling Body

God has designed His Church for members to continue to grow toward Christlikeness and be equipped for His service through the spiritual involvement of one another. This discipling work is accomplished informally as the Spirit works to transform lives and shapes everyday interactions, conversations, and experiences. Formally, this discipling work is accomplished through the public teaching and preaching of the Word as well as in private counseling, Bible studies, mentoring, and more.


An Evangelizing Body

Christians have been commissioned by Christ to make disciples of every nation, being matured, equipped, and sent into the world to share the Gospel of the Risen Christ. This evangelizing and missional purpose of Christ is reflected in our personal evangelization, our corporate efforts toward the community, and our missionary care and support for those serving around the world. 

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