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Easter Alive is a live presentation of Holy Week and Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. This production started at PHBC in 2019. One of the really neat things about this project is that it has always brought together lots of helpers from our church. We want to do the same this year! There are many new faces at PHBC, so we are going to start things off by asking you to complete a short survey if you have interest in helping in some way. The survey will ask you your name, contact info, and then a few multiple choice options to let us know what your talent is or what you have interest in helping with. No matter if you’ve participated in EA before, we’d like everyone who has interest to fill out the survey. This survey needs to be completed by January 16. The first initial meeting will be Feb 6 after the morning service. Use the QR code to access the survey.


The survey link is:


Any questions, please see Lexi Nussbaum or Anna Weis.

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