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Sunday School (Deacon Care Groups)

We meet every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. in our Deacon Care Groups. These times are primarily for aggressive study of Bible passages and topics. They also provide a forum for adult fellowship.


Wednesday Worship

We meet every week at 7:00 PM in our church auditorium for a time of mid-week Bible study and intensive prayer. We believe prayer is vital in the life of the church and each believer.  


Merge (College & Career)

As the transition into the adult ministries begins, this group provides stability, strength and service opportunities. Our young adults meet weekly during the Sunday School hour for Bible teaching and fellowship.


Men's Discipleship

Through a combination of Bible studies, group discussion, and prayer time, men learn to become godly leaders in the home, church, and community.


Ladies' Bible Study Groups

Our ladies meet throughout the year and offer various Bible study times. Using a variety of curriculum, these studies are good for personal growth, fellowship, and outreach.


Women’s Missionary Fellowship

Our ladies meet monthly to make items for our missionaries that they can use on the field to help spread the Gospel, as well as make cards that we send to our missionaries for special occasions.


Deacon Care Ministry

This is a vital part of any local church. Through this ministry, we determine and meet physical, material, and spiritual needs of our church family. The goal is to facilitate the Biblical mandate to minister one to another.


Other Opportunities:

Nursing Home Worship Services

Young-at-Heart (For Our Seniors)

Mission Trips

Modern Homemakers

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